Gear/MPH Calculator

Welcome to my Gear/MPH Calculator. This program will be improved over time, but for now it's not really much past Gamma. It's all JavaScript, and based on an Excel spreadsheet somebody sent me a while back.

Netscape 4.0 has some problems I've noticed. I think they're just bugs in Netscape, because Internet Explorer 4.0 works just fine. For example, if you select one of the presets and press Calculate, then change one field, and click Calculate again, without clicking Clear first, Netscape will crash. Neat, huh?

If you want any new presets added, write to me, and be sure to include the year(s) and type of car, the gear ratios for each gear, and one of the available gear ratios, plus the redline.

Well, that's it for now. Enjoy! If you discover any problems, or have suggestions, please feel free to write!